Thank you for choosing Mellanie Shaylor School of Music (MSSOM) for your music education. We love what we do and we love what our students do! We strive to make the studio a warm and happy space for everyone. We aim to make things as easy and convenient as possible.

We know our Studio is not like other schools, sports clubs, performing arts centres and the like. We do things differently here, from the way we teach, to the way we run the studio.

Please read our policy carefully and if you have any questions, contact our very helpful and friendly Studio Manager, Alison, on 0404 102 615 or

2019 Schedule
Each MSSOM term runs for 10 weeks. This is as closely in line with the Victorian School Term Dates as possible for your convenience.

Term 1: Monday 28 January - Saturday 6 April (10 weeks)
Term 2: Monday 22 April - Saturday 29 June (10 weeks)
Term 3: Monday 15 July - Saturday 21 September (10 weeks)
Term 4: Monday 7 October - Saturday 14 December (10 weeks)

Students wishing to take lessons throughout the school holidays need to book these in when dates for holiday lessons are available. These lessons will be invoiced separately to the term invoice.

To finalise enrolment at Mellanie Shaylor School of Music (MSSOM), parents, guardians or the adult student must read and agree to the MSSOM enrolment policies. Please note that enrolments are not complete until a signed policy is returned to us. For your convenience and to contribute to a paperless environment, we use online e-signature software.

  • All enrolments are booked in on a yearly basis. Re-enrolment occurs each year for the following year.

  • If you wish to change lesson times through the year, the sooner you communicate this with us, the more likely we are able to find a suitable alternative.

  • Lessons are billed in advance at the beginning of each term.

  • Mid-term enrolments are billed for the remaining weeks in the term.

  • All invoices are sent via email and can be paid via direct deposit or in cash. All tuition fees are non-refundable.

  • Invoices that are more than 7 days late will incur a $20 late fee and students cannot attend their lesson if the fees are not paid.

  • Students are not billed for classes that fall on a public holiday.

Public Holidays
Monday 28 January - Australia Day Holiday
Monday 11 March - Labour Day
Friday 19 April - Good Friday
Monday 22 April - Easter Monday
Thursday 25 April - Anzac Day
Monday 10 June - Queens Birthday
Tuesday 5 November - Melbourne Cup Day

Tuition Fees
The individual needs of you or your child’s musical education is our priority. Preparation of weekly lesson plans, communication with parents, selecting repertoire and methods for the individual student, writing individual reports and creating games to keep lessons fun and exciting are all covered in your tuition. Access to free live performance opportunities for the community such as Giving Back to the Community, Senior Concerts and Community Festivals are also included.

  • All fees are to be paid by their due date nominated on your invoice. A schedule is provided below for your convenience. Class placement is only secured once fees have been received.

  • Overdue accounts of 7 days will incur a $20 late fee penalty unless a prior arrangement has been made and approved by the MSSOM.  

  • No refunds are given for lessons missed by students. Your tuition reserves a time and day for the entire term. Please choose this time carefully as missed lessons are forfeited.

  • Debt recovery costs will be added to any outstanding fees that have to be recovered by our debt collection agency.

  • MSSOM offers a 5% discount to families who have two members enrolled and 10% discount for 3 or more members enrolled.

Schedule of Fees
Term 1, due Monday 28th January, 2019
Term 2, due Monday 22nd April, 2019
Term 3, due Monday 15th July, 2019
Term 4, due Monday 7 October, 2019

Performance Fees
Performance fees will apply for various performance opportunities for students wishing to participate. Performance fees will be communicated ahead of time.

Our Giving Back to the Community and Community Festival programs do not involve any performance fees.

Additional Fees
Students undertaking AMEB music exams are responsible for the application fees. Our teachers and staff will guide you with this process.

By enrolling in our music lessons, you are purchasing and reserving a specific time slot for the term. We are committed to teaching you in that time. To make sure we can keep our commitment to all parents and students, we cannot reschedule lesson times during the term so if you do not attend your lesson, it will be forfeited, except in extreme circumstances (eg. death in the family or illness or injury requiring hospitalisation (proof must be provided by way of medical certificate).

If you do not wish to forfeit your lesson you can have a parent/teacher discussion about your progress or the progress of your child during the lesson time.

From time to time, if a teacher is unavailable to take your class, another suitable teacher will be assigned to take your class.

Termination of Lessons
The school reserves the right to terminate lessons with no notice due to unpaid fees. In the event of questionable student commitment or behavioural issues, we reserve the right to terminate lessons with four weeks’ notice. You may also terminate lessons with four weeks’ notice or at the end of a Term, whichever is the lesser.

The Studio
Please arrive on time for your lesson. Lesson times cannot be extended if arriving late. Please remember to bring all resources to lessons.

We want all students to learn in a healthy environment. Because the piano and other instruments are shared, hands-on instruments, we ask students to wash their hands before their lesson.

Consumption of Food

We have a number of students who have anaphylaxis. Because of this, we require food to be consumed outside on the deck or in the kitchen at our Hawthorn studio, or in the main area or outside of the Eltham studio. Due to the safety of all students, there are no exceptions to this rule.

There is no running permitted in the studios.

Instruments are not to be used unless a teacher is present or express permission has been given.

Parents are asked to model the desired behaviour for their children, teaching them to respect other students, teachers and members of our community.

Teachers, students and parents are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly and to avoid gossip. The use of expletive language is not permitted in the studio environment or at performances where young children are in attendance.

Guests of the studio including siblings and friends must be accompanied and are not to distract students and teachers.

Parents play a crucial role in their child’s musical development. Please feel free to contact us to discuss progress or feedback.

We advise you to flag emails from as ‘safe’ or ‘not junk’ to ensure that important communications are not missed.

Information and photos/videos will be posted regularly on the MSSOM Facebook and Instagram pages so please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us to stay informed.

Observing Lessons
While we encourage students to have lessons independently, parents are welcome to observe lessons but must quietly observe. If a sibling or parent is observing the class and creating distraction, our teachers will ask you to sit outside. If you have questions, you can let the teacher know and we will ensure that the last few minutes of the lesson are allocated to your questions about the lesson.

Allergies/Medical issues
If you or your child has a serious medical condition or allergy, you must provide us with your action plan. It is your responsibility to notify MSSOM if you or your child has an allergy that we need to manage.

Media Release
By enrolling in MSSOM you are agreeing for photos/videos of you/your child to posted on social media and used for advertising. Please contact Alison ( in writing if you do not consent to images or video footage of you/your child being used fo any of these purposes.