Bohemian Rhapsody Crash Course Choir

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Bohemian Rhapsody Crash Course Choir


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Nope, it's real. Coming this April, we are offering you the chance to learn how to sing the vocal harmonies of one of the greatest songs ever written, in a 4 hour group crash course over two weeks.

Whether you have memories of head banging along Wayne's World-style to Freddie on Gold 104, or whether you fell in love with them last year for the first time through Remi Malek's flawless performance, there is no mistaking the enduring love and joy Queen's music still brings us. Nobody knows this better than the leader of this session, our own Darina Chakarova, who has extensive experience with glee and choral groups. Together, she will help you find your inner singer and let them out for the world to see!

You will also get the chance to go wild and perform the results with accompanying musicians at the end of the second session!

Spaces are limited, and there is no experience necessary! Bring your enthusiasm, bring a friend and come join the fun!

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WHAT: Crash Course Choir - Learn Bohemian Rhapsody
WHERE: Upstairs at 288 Auburn Road, Hawthorn 3122
WHEN: Tuesday 9th and Tuesday 16th of April 
TIME: 7pm - 9pm 
INVESTMENT:$100 +gst
BRING: water bottle
WEAR: comfy clothes, your best 80s duds for the performance 

Introduction to group singing - including finding your vocal range (bass, tenor, alto, soprano), learning to hear and remember different parts, memory recall, singing with others, pitching, volume and rhythm 
Introduction to vocal care - warming up, cooling down, learning breathing and body techniques to improve your sound and sing more comfortably
Access to an accredited choral teacher with extensive experience teaching singers of all ages, ranges, styles and abilities
A warm, encouraging environment to freely experiment and express yourself musically 
The opportunity to sing with like-minded fans, and perform with a live band.