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School Holiday Concert: Giving back to the community

The gift of music.

Music is something to be shared and is an amazing way to bring people together of all ages! 

Join us in creating a special day of music for the senior community of Banyule. 

Music is thoroughly enjoyable to listen to but it can also have bigger impacts. We can reduce stress, anxiety and pain through music.

Did you know, that by sharing music you could be helping someone to:

  • get a better nights of sleep
  • experience less pain
  • experience improved memory and recall
  • experience a quicker recovery 
  • have increased ability to concentrate and increased awareness
  • experience an increase in mobility and coordination
  • have an increase in overall cognitive abilities

Why not give the gift of music to our community and you'll benefit too! You will have the opportunity to perform and increase your skills, stage presence and ability to socialise with a new group of people. And let me tell you...the audience is spectacular. They sing along, they get up and dance and I've never heard such a loud round of applause.  

Get in touch today if you want to be part of this amazing community event! Email Angela at 



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