Mellanie Shaylor
Founder, Earth-shaker, lover of life and music.
“Learning music gives you the freedom to talk and feel in sound” 

Uninspired by traditional teaching methods, Mellanie was driven to shake things up by going above, beyond and around the manuscript to make music lessons fun.

She created the MSSOM as a musical haven for children and young adults to explore their musicality — a place to understand that there is more to music than scales, chords, and exams.

The MSSOM is a place where it's possible to learn and have fun simultaneously, in a creative, nurturing environment. 


With musical experience in piano, singing and flute, Mellanie’s determined to create as many opportunities as possible to empower the life of her students, and this is
something that brings life to the music school as a whole.

You’ll find Mell dancing amongst the halls of both of our studios, so be sure to share a
groove with her!