It's the most magical time of the year?

Hello Tribe!

How are we all feeling? 

A bit stressed? Tired? Hanging in there by a strong cup of coffee? 

Ah, the holiday season. We can almost smell the salty air…feel the warm sunshine…..feel the pure bliss of not running to a minute-by-minute schedule. We’re neeeeearly there!! 

None of us are immune to the effects that the end of year bring to us. We start to realise how much we’ve done and how tired we are, ready to slow down and recharge. Here’s my piece of advice for the day:

Don’t wait until the 25th December to stop and do something for you. Take a moment, an hour, a lunch, half a day, a walk around the park, something for you. Give yourself a little bit of time now. You will absolutely thank yourself for it AND the world will keep spinning. I promise. Give yourself a gift:  some space to feel things ease off and just breathe. 

How are we feeling over at MSSOM?

Well, I’m not going to lie. We’re definitely very busy making sure that our Music Tribe have the most amazing end to the year at Beyond The Notes on December 9th. This doesn’t involve a lot of sleep at times and there are lots of creative minds thinking about each and every one of you. We’re drinking a lot of coffee.  Some of us are balancing that off with some very green, healthy juices and yoga. Some of us are just double parking the coffee. We’re facilitating a lot of rehearsals. We’re nurturing 120 musicians into performance mode. We’re inspiring, encouraging, contributing to getting through these final weeks of preparation to showcase all of the artists hard work. It’s amazing and a little exhausting but mostly amazing! 

If I had to describe it in a picture…. it would be this one…because if you flip a picture of bats upside down, they look like they’re having a wicked dance off!


We have lots of love and time for all of you here. Our studios are a safe place where your can come and just put your feet up for a time and let the magic of music and community do its thing. 

The production this year is the biggest and most spectacular we’ve done yet and I can’t wait for you all to sit back and enjoy the show. There is so much personality, so much musicianship, so much ‘wow’, you’ll actually want more (yes they are 2 hour sets, but I know in my bones, you are going to be blown away). 

It’ll lift you up, put a H U G E S M I L E on your face and get your foot tapping. 

In just 24 days, you’ll see your young artists and the rest of the tribe shine. There will be some nerves for sure, but as we always say here, “nerves are just there to remind you that you’re about to do something really magical and brave”

 I’m going to let you in on a dream of mine. When I started this school, (may as well take this moment to remind you that it started in my teeny, tiny house), I wanted it to be a place that people could come and be themselves, find people just like them/ Learn from each other, teach each other, contribute to each other. A place that created amazing opportunities to perform, to learn, to explore, to push the boundaries. To leave ego at the door. A place where every single person could just be themselves. A place where shy people could find their voice. Where anxious people could find their calm. Where we could just enjoy music without any pressures or judgements. 

An extension to that dream was that I would be able to provide a concert opportunity to our musicians and artists where they could feel the absolute pure joy of performing to a large crowd, on a professional stage, with lighting and sound and a backstage and the full modern day artist experience.

Well - it’s here folks.

You make up this most beautiful community of people and the Hawthorn Arts Centre (our venue) is the real deal. I really hope it is as amazing and soul enriching for you as it is for me and the team. We are so incredibly proud of everyone for contributing to such an awesome music family that makes up what we so fondly refer to as our Music Tribe.

I now declare that the official countdown has commenced! 

Tickets are available now and they’re selling fast so jump online to get yours here. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends to help us fill our incredible venue with the biggest cheering squad we’ve ever had. 

While you’re at it, jump onto Facebook and join the buzz - this is where we’ll be posting lots of inspiration, sneak peeks and competitions in the countdown to the big event.

What if my young musician is feeling really anxious about the performance?
If there are any little artists (or big artists) that need some extra TLC in the lead up, please reach out to us by emailing the team at

We have a special team dedicated to handling those performance jitters that seem to hang around in the lead up.  

And finally - our amazingly generous and kind-hearted friends at Kula Yoga have gifted our community with 50, first class yoga passes! If you are one of the next 50 people to purchase your tickets, you’ll receive your yoga pass to take some time for you to breathe and stretch away this end of year hustle in another beautiful community space! 

I’ll see you all around the studios soon!