Interview with a young composer

Toby has recently composed a book of 11 children's songs! During his weekly lesson one day, he didn't feel up to playing his current pieces so we decided to write a song instead. He felt inspired by a sound he created with a 5-finger position in E and began to create his own song. 

We wrote it down as it came to him. It wasn't quite finished in the lesson but Toby went home and worked on it tirelessly until it was finished...and then wrote 10 more songs! A little birdy told me that it wasn't unusual for Toby to be up at 6:30am composing his songs during this creative time. 

I recently sat down with Toby and asked him about his completed works.

Mell:. What is the theme of your book?
Toby: Scary songs (but good scary songs)

Mell: Do you have a favourite composition?
Toby: I like them all but my favourite is 'Nightmare'.

Mell: Will you write more songs?
Toby: I'm already composing for my next book!

Mell:  Is there a cool fact about your book?
Toby: We had it published and sent it to the AMEB so that all the piano teachers can have a copy.

Mell:  What do you like most about learning the piano?
Toby: I love to play the piano and I love doing everything!

Mell: Who is your favourite musician?
Toby: My dad and you!

Mell: Are you excited about the upcoming concert and publicly performing your latest works for the first time?
Toby: I'm a bit nervous, but I will forget about the people and play and if I make a mistake, I won't stop.

Toby will be performing three of his compositions at the November 22 concert and you will see his book in the studio soon!